Air Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers ACC-TEAM Almost all air cooled equipment is under-performing, due to poor maintenance friendly designs. The effect of fouling and poor fan performance is highly underestimated. With effective design and maintenance the operator can save millions.

No financial losses through better designs


ACC-Team is a leading independent engineering company for Air Cooled equipment and Air Cooled Condensers.

ACC Team is an International Engineering company Specialized in Design, supply and upgrade of Air Cooled Vacuum Steam Condensers (ACC). We have spent the last few years designing and implementing several outstanding improvements.

To a high degree The ACC Team integrates the Cleaning systems for air-cooled heat transfer equipment with the whole process of air coolers. This integrated approach has many advantages. The performance of the total system improves with lower costs.

Almost all air cooled equipment is under-performing, due to poor maintenance friendly designs.

The effect of fouling and poor fan performance is highly underestimated.

With effective design and maintenance the operator can save millions.

ACC Team has the answer…

ACC-Team supplies:

Performance improvement

Production efficieny is highly depending on the performance of your cooling equipment.


Maintenance of wet and dry cooling equipment.

Upgrades and optimisation

Can we maximize your production?d

Cleaning equipment and services

Guarantees sufficient airflow!

Surveys, performance testing and commissioning

Is your equipment performing as expected?

Designs and new equipment

New cooling equipment with guarenteed performace and availability.

Noise reduction

To blend into the environment.

Many years of experience


ACC-Team Technologies was founded in the early 90s by Huub Hubregtse. The company is now operating worldwide, advising the industry on how to improve its dry cooling performance. ACC-Team Technologies is a leading independent engineering company for process air-coolers and air-cooled vacuum steam condensers.

ACC-Team Technologies provides:

  • Performance optimisation of existing plants
  • Complete new plants
  • Steam ducting and static design
  • Structural steel detail and statistical design
  • Process control
  • Fogging systems
  • Noise protection
  • Wind protection
  • Cleaning and cleaning systems
  • Audits and advice
  • Thermal design

Our organisation co-operates with several expert companies in the industry. These partners are located in Europe and China.

Single-row condenser tubes

The worldwide accepted single-row condenser tube was developed by us during a co-operation with ABB-Lummus in the 90s.

Designs made by us can be done in every official code, such as UBC, EU and GB. Software used is supplied by Bentley.

Air-cooled equipment maintenance

General maintenance of air-cooled equipment consists of fan tuning and optimisation and cleaning of heat exchanger.

For the cleaning service special equipment has been developed, which is supplied to the international market. A special crew will do the cleaning for the clients. All systems by us are tailor-made. Major clients served include Shell, Scottish Power, Centrica, Essent, etc.

Thermal process analysis

Part of our engineering service is the analysis of the thermal process, by measuring all parameters and supported by thermal images. These thermal images are explained in detail.

Cold spot analysis forms a perfect way of de-bottle necking.

Air-cooled condenser projects

Together with fabricators and construction companies in the Netherlands, UK and China, we execute complete air-cooled condenser (ACC) projects.

We recently executed five projects for the power industry. The condensers involved were 300MW – 600MW steam turbine power islands.

Installation and tuning of cooling fans

A special product is the installation and tuning of the most efficient fan. For this product we have co-operations with the most successful fan suppliers in the world. Our strong point is to determine the fan-performance from installation to many years of operation, allowing for wind-effects, fouling and aging.

Our R&D department has developed wind breaker screens for the mineralisation of the negative effect of wind on dry cooling systems.

Peak cooling systems

Our peak cooling systems are based on a proven concept of fogging. This product is developed together with experts active in other kinds of industry. Our fogging systems produce mist with droplet size of 10µm average, guaranteeing fast evaporation. This kind of fogging can reduce the ambient air temperature by 5°C to 7°C.

Dry cooling equipment

With our in-house engineering capabilities, together with the expertise of our international partners, we are in a position to serve the complete industry. This is applicable for existing plants but also for new dry cooling equipment. We are completely independent from any make of equipment and can therefore advise the client to select the most suitable system.

The company is ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and SCC 9001 certified, and is a member of the HTRI and SIR.

Some of our recent projects