Replacement of existing 45 year old condenser, built by Balcke Duerr (SPX).

The investment was less than the price of the competition.

Payback time: less than 1.5 years.

Special features:

  • With nominal operation conditions 16% over design to overcome losses by wind and fouling.
  • Special turbo operation possible using frequency converters running at 60 HZ, giving 35% more performance.
  • Vacuum steam ejector system with an over design of 400%, for excellent extraction, even with leaks.
  • 20% more steam duct surface to reduce the steam velocity and pressure drop over the duct
  • Single row design for the bundles with a 2 mm thick tube wall
  • Range of control 4 to 30 t/h
  • Integrated freeze protection.
  • No pump wells, all auxiliaries under ACC at ground level.

Project duration from award to commissioning: one year.

Comment by the client:
The ACC runs as a bomb, we should have done this project years ago.